Main description Edit

Jay is an artist, born in the city of Nexopolis. She has the powers to bring her art to life, which she uses in her fighting style. She is constantly accompanied by her dark clone, Raven.

Powers Edit

Jay received her powers in a rather strange way. One night, she had a dream...Or was it? In that “dream”, she saw a demon with the shiniest orange hair imaginable. The demon told her “Jay. I bring a warning. He has returned, and he is planning on destroying life as we know it. I am granting you some of my power, I aspire you will know what to do.” After Jay was touched on the shoulder, she awoke.

She felt pretty much the same...Except for a couple of things...

Raven Edit

One of the results of this demon's touch was a clone of Jay being created, named Raven.

Raven is a smart-ass dark clone that travels within Jay’s mind. The most notable differences in her appearance is her hair (It's pure black with no highlights), her eyes (Now being a rather dark red) and her lack of glasses. Jay can switch her body with Raven's, and vice versa, at will.

Art to life Edit

The other result was the ability to create art that comes to life. She mostly uses this ability to create blade slashes from her hands. She also uses this ability in her Super Combos.

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